Introducing TRELAWEAR


The first fashionable PERS accessory.

TRELAWEAR is the first attractive personal emergency response system (PERS) accessory. With the push of a button, you’ll have access to help if you need it. Our goal is for women to maintain an independent lifestyle with safety and style.


Utilizing the latest technologies in mobile device and jewelry design, TRELAWEAR is beautiful, fashion jewelry, not just a PERS device. Women no longer have to choose between safety and style. 


On trend fashion

TRELAWEAR pendants feature hand-cut faceted resin stones available in five different colors and two of the most popular pendant shapes: cushion or round. The pendant case and necklace chain are offered in silver colored or yellow gold finishes.

Designed and crafted by fashion experts

TRELAWEAR was founded and designed by executives from the jewelry, and fashion industries. The jewelry is crafted by renowned jewelry manufacturers who produce collections for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Coach and Kate Spade.


Partnered with the best

For the initial launch of TRELAWEAR, we have partnered with MobileHelp, one of America’s leading provider of emergency response technology. Each TRELAWEAR necklace pairs with a MobileHelp DUO or Classic monitoring system to provide 24/7/365 emergency help through a home and/or mobile base station with accompanying monitoring service. 

Your TRELAWEAR purchase comes with the equivalent of two (2) free months of monitoring service, which can be applied to the subscription plan that’s right for you. TRELAWEAR utilizes FCC-certified RFID technology designed by leading engineers within the PERS industry.


Quality that lasts

TRELAWEAR comes with a limited one-year warranty on all manufacturing defects. TRELAWEAR batteries come with our limited three-year warranty. When needed, the battery can be replaced. No need for charging! You will be alerted by MobileHelp when the battery is running low.


How it Works

Using TRELAWEAR is simple! At a time of emergency, simply push the button located on the back of the TRELAWEAR pendant. This button is paired with the MobileHelp base station (Classic subscriptions) or base station and mobile device (DUO subscriptions), which will send an emergency notification to the  24/7/365 U.S.-based emergency response center. A trained emergency operator will contact you through the base station or mobile device to determine how best to help you. If required, emergency personnel will be dispatched to the location based on GPS technology and family members will be notified.

The TRELAWEAR pendant pairs wirelessly with the MobileHelp equipment. In order for the pendant to work out of your home, the mobile device (part of the DUO subscription plan) is required.

TRELAWEAR pendants come with care card and instructions to assist you in the set-up process. Calling the number on the card will connect you with MobileHelp operators, who will guide you through the simple process of pairing TRELAWEAR pendant. A representative based in the United States will ensure your device is successfully working.

While wearing your pendant, if you happen to accidentally push the button and initiate an emergency call, no need to panic. The operator that answers will assess the situation. If there is no emergency, the operator will not send an emergency response to your location.

When you purchase a TRELAWEAR pendant, you will receive the following:

  • 1 TRELAWEAR necklace, packaged in a beautiful box
  • Care card and instructions for pairing your pendant
  • 1 qty Home Base Station (Classic or DUO subscription plan)
  • 1 qty Mobile Station/Device (DUO subscription plan)

To ensure your TRELAWEAR can access emergency help, you will also need to contact MobileHelp at 800-805-5349 and place an order for a Classic monitoring plan (with a Home Base Station only) or the DUO monitoring plan (with Home Base and Mobile Device). After you receive your equipment from MobileHelp, you will be able to pair the TRELAWEAR pendant so that it works with MobileHelp devices.


Sally Pendant (Square) 

Chain length: 30-inches, with a 2-inch extender 
Case dimensions: (LxWxD)  34.5mm x 34.5 x 15mm or 1.3 inches x 1.3 inches x .6 inches
Weight: 62 grams / 2.2 ounce
Battery life: 3 years 

Belle Pendant (Round) 

Chain length: 30-inches, with a 2-inch extender 
Case dimensions: (LxWxD)  33.5mm x 33.55 x 15mm or 1.3 inches x 1.3 inches x .6 inches
Weight: 53 grams / 1.8 ounce 
Battery life: 3 years 


Our Story

TRELAWEAR began as a passion project aimed at solving an issue that hit close to home. Mara Perlmutter, Founder of TRELAWEAR, set out to address her mom's question when she refused to wear a generic PERS device, "Mara you have been in the jewelry business over 25 years, can't you make me something beautiful to wear?"  As a seasoned fashion and jewelry executive, Mara knew she had the expertise to make this happen. 

Mara has spent the past two years crafting a product she would be proud to share with her family and friends.  To honor her family members that inspired TRELAWEAR, the cushion-shaped pendant was named Sally, after Mara’s mother; and the round-shaped pendant named Belle, after Mara's favorite aunt. 



Mara Perlmutter: With 30+ years experience, beginning as a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue to Group President at Jones Jewelry Group, Mara is a leader and expert in the design, development, and retail of luxury and contemporary fashion jewelry accessories. She has led merchandising and design for global brands including Givenchy, Anne Klein, French Connection, Laundry by Shelli Segal, Judith Jack, 9West, Isaac Mizrahi and Christian Siriano. Based upon her vast experience Mara inspired the designs and development of the TRELAWEAR collection.